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          What is stamping, sheet l and manufacturing
          Times:2019-10-26  From:Anshan Jiayang Heavy Industry Technology Co. Ltd   Browse times:877times
          Stamping, sheet l and making is one of the basic methods of plastic processing of sheet l, tube and profile. It uses stamping and sheet l equipment to provide power, with the help of mold to control the deformation of blank, so that the blank can become the processing process of product parts according to the expected requirements.

          1. Sheet l technology includes: folding, bending, shearing, cutting, riveting and punching

          2. Stamping process includes: drawing, spinning, rolling and punching

          3. Many processes of stamping, sheet l and manufacturing overlap, there is no clear boundary, and they are twins. There are clear differences between stamping, sheet l and manufacturing in the industrial systems of the United States and Europe, not in the systems of Russia and China, and some stamping and sheet l process products are classified into the hardware industry.

          4. From the perspective of technological process, stamping equipment, stamping die and stamping blank are indispensable. Stamping technology connects three elements into an integral whole.
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